1986 Buick Century Gran Sport Registry

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Helpful information for 1986 Century GS 's

This site is dedicated to share information about the 1986 Buick Century Gran Sport cars that became a 1 year option. The GS option on these cars alone was $3895.00. According to documentation,there were 1029 GS cars built.All were given the blackout treatment. They all were 2 door coupe models and had a grey and black interior similar to the Grand National,except the headrests that the GS came with has a red power 6 logo showing they were not Turbocharged. The Turbocharged Grand Nationals had orange in the Power 6 logo. I will share pictures of GS specific items as well as other helpful information I have compiled and have been shared with me.

The car below is my second Century Gran Sport that I have owned. I purchased this car 12/14/06 after locating it about 2 1/2 hours away. I had previously owned one in 1991,but it was destroyed in an accident in 1991. I had looked for one of these cars a long time,but only seen 3 in the 16 years it took me to find this car. Some of the important parts are missing from this car,but overall its still a GS. I have the buildsheet for this car as well as my first car which authenticates it as a GS.I am soon getting another one as I struck a deal for my 3rd one and hope to have it by the  end of December 07. 

Selected Standard Features for 1986 Century Gran Sports

Front Air Dam,Black Exterior,Deck Lid Spoiler,

Blackened out grille,headlamp bezels,black moldings,

Black Aero rocker panel moldings, Air Conditioning,

15-inch Aluminum wheels with special GS identification,

P205/60R15 Eagle GT blackwall tires,

Reclining black/gray bucket seats with power-6 logo,

Operating console with shift boot,

Black front floor mats with "GS" insignia,

Gran Sport Ornamentation inside and out,

Buick door and spoiler decals (shipped in trunk for dealer installation),

Special Gran Sport touring suspention,

AM-FM stereo with Seek and Scan, cassette tape player and clock.

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Below is my first Century GS.I purchased it in 1990 with 29,000 original miles on it. I bought it from the same dealer(but name was changed) and lot it originally was sold at. I owned it for almost a year until it mets its demise in a bad accident. I missed that car and tried getting another,but was unsucessful until 2006.The car had  62,000 miles on it at the time. Lots of excellent parts went to waste on this car.